In 2017, Nada International School (NIS) hosted an AdvancED External Review Team, as part of NIS initial accreditation process. The standards which NIS was evaluated on in the review which led to full accreditation included :

1- Purpose and Direction

2- Governance and Leadership

3- Teaching and Assessing for Learning

4- Resources and Support Systems

5- Using Results for Continuous Improvement

AdvancedEd has now become COGNIA give and overall Index of Education Quality (IEQ) score at the end of the evaluation process. This is the holistic measure of overall performance based on a comprehensive set of standards and review criteria undertaken by the COGNIA evaluation team. The range of IEQ is from 100 – 400. Nada International School 2017 initial accreditation IEQ Scores was 283.59.

In 2022 NIS undertook the five-year review and reaccreditation process, which was based on a new set of standards and framework, including three overarching domains:

1- Leadership (x10 standards)

2- Teaching and Learning (x12 standards)

3- Resources (x8 standards)

Since the initial accreditation NIS had several aspects of school educational provision to develop which were successfully achieved by the five-year review mark. The outcome of the 2022 accreditation review resulted in a significant improvement in the IEQ score with NIS achieving 324.50 overall IEQ score.

The average five year range for all COGNIA evaluated school is 278 – 283 which places NIS in the top category for schools, achieving over 40 points higher than the top average score for all COGNIA schools and an improvement of 41 IEQ points since the last COGNIA evaluation report. An IEQ of 275 and above indicates the institution is beginning to reach the Impact level and is engaged in practices that are sustained over time and are becoming ingrained in the culture of the institution. The current NIS IEQ score of 324 is well above (49 points) the beginning to reach Impact level.

Strengths Identified from the 2022 review

1- School leadership has worked to establish a culture that promotes a shared purpose and core academic values.

“students who have graduated from NIS have achieved outstanding overall grades recognized through awards from the Cambridge Board. The leadership team of NIS is focused on maintaining this achievement and this focus permeates down through the departments to teachers, students, and parents, who consistently expressed their pride and high expectations”.

2- Nada International School is a mission-driven institution with a renewed focus on growth, driving change, transformation, and innovation.

“the Engagement Review Team was impressed by the transformative steps taken by the school…; steps which have led to several impacting evaluations of Standards that are a credit to the NIS school community.”

3- The school is preparing students for the future by implementing a rigorous curriculum based on high expectations.

““Evidence served to reinforce the school’s commitment to the rigorous curriculum and assessment set by the Cambridge International Examinations Board”

“The team found that there is support for Qudorat / GAT, which is needed for Saudi Nationals to attain entrance to local universities to be commendable”.

Areas for Improvement

1- The school lacks the formal processes needed to offer support to learners with special needs.

“Structured and research-based support for students facing cognitive, socio-emotional, or physical challenges would be a welcome addition to the existing services the school”.

2- The school lacks formal systematic processes to review practices, programs, and plans, with measured goals and timelines.

“Data should be recorded in a centralized platform that allows for follow-up and progress monitoring long-term”

Richard McMahon

Executive Principal

BA Ed. (Hons), MA.Ed, PTC, PENTA

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