Nada International School was opened in September 2002 with a small number of students and teachers.The initial aim of the school was to cater for the employees of the Al-Othman Group. NIS has expanded rapidly, particularly during the last few years. During this five-year period the student body has grown from around 190 we anticipate around 600 students in 2017.

The current NIS school community includes staff and students from various countries such as (but not limited to) Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, Egypt, Ireland, India, Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Philippines, Tunisia, Sudan, South Africa, US and UK.

During the 2009 / 2010 NIS gained accreditation from College Board, and was only school in the Al-Ahsa region that is allowed to both teach and examine selected College Board university entrance examinations on site.

At this time NIS was also accredited by the British Council as a British Council Examination Centre, and by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) as a centre for teaching and examining IGCSE examinations.

Since 2010 our senior students have amazed us with their tenacity and levels of achievement.Our SAT 1 / SAT 2 examination results were significantly above average in all subjects. In fact, we have large numbers of former students who have globally acclaimed scores, including Nouran and Nourhan who scored the impossible 800 out of 800 in SAT 2 Biology.

Our first set of IGCSE results in June 2012 proved to be truly outstanding, followed by an equally impressive series of results in subsequent years. The degree of achievement was such that our children are performing at least at the level of other students in the highest regarded schools in the Middle East and throughout the world. Our former IGSCE students performed very well in the June 2013 and 2014 CIE AS level examinations. In fact, since 2012, we consistently and significantly exceed the international averages for IGCSE, across all subjects. University entrance is extremely important to our students.

During the 2011 / 2012 academic year NIS achieved further accreditation, by receiving confirmation from CIE that we are an approved centre for teaching and examining AS / A Level. We also gained approval from ICDL Saudi Arabia, thus allowing NIS to offer and examine the internationally acclaimed ICDL (International Computer Driving License) to NIS students, staff and the wider community. We also received British Council approval to teach IELTS. Our first set of NIS graduates left us for university.

BOT Chairman

In 2012, Navid Tasin and Carrie Louise Fynn became the 1st of many NIS students to be awarded for academic excellence by Cambridge International Examinations and The British Council.

During the period of 2010 – 2015 the Board of Trustees made a commitment to significantly develop the school campus. In the initial phase a one – floor building was constructed in the Boys' School, followed by two major building additions in the Girls' School. This allowed the school to expand the number of places for children and enhanced the quality of specialist learning areas, such as ICT labs, spacious primary classrooms and Science Labs. In addition, the students were very happy with the extremely popular NIS Astroturf soccer field.

In May 2014, our most ambitious building project commenced. This was completed and opened in September of the same year. This, most recent development, has the capacity to sustain NIS's projected growth for a number of years and provides an excellent educational environment for children to learn. This building is truly one of the outstanding purpose built educational facilities in the region.

In 2015 – 16 we were accepted to deliver the Cambridge (Primary, Secondary, ICE and AICE) curriculum and associated examinations. We have a sizable number of children who have received awards from CIE for their excellent academic performance, when compared to thousands of students across the region.

Every year graduates from G12 leave the school to go to a number of highly regarded universities around the world. We hope to hear that our 2016 / 2017 graduates have experienced similar successes. This year's results were outstanding at IGCSE and A level, with many students securing high grades.

NIS has all the advantages of being supported by the Al- Othman Group, which aims to retain a family based ethos, high levels of student support and professional (but human) relationships that characterise the school environment. Since 2002, the Board of Trustees have made a longstanding commitment to facility enhancement and staffing. Resultantly, NIS are proud of the fact that it offers offer unrivalled safety for children within the highly secure Nada Farm Village Compound and have park-like grounds where children are encouraged to play and an ever improving excellent set of professionals at the school.

It has been an amazing transformation from when the school first started it had twenty students, ten teachers and two administrators. At the start of 2021, the school now has a beautiful boys and girls campus, which serves the needs of around four hundred and thirty students. Children travel from all around the Hofuf area, either via private transport or school contracted buses

NIS has been a fully accredited school with Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE) since June 2018 and administers all IGCSE, AS and A-Level examinations

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