Physical Education

During childhood and youth, physical education at school provides an excellent opportunity to learn and practice skills likely to enhance fitness and good health. These activities may include structured games and sports, taking in consideration the group age and the abilities of students to practice these sports, Early mastery of the basic skills crucially helps young people to perform and understand the value of these activities better in their later education, or as adults at work or during leisure time.

Physical Education is a compulsory subject at NIS, both in the Boys' School and the Girls' School. Throughout the academic year, the PE department works hard to provide experience of variety of games and sports. One major consideration is the weather and facilities available in the school, both of which, to some extent, dictate our curriculum. Students at NIS participate and practice a number of sports / games such as running, cardio, basketball, volleyball along with some competitions organized during lunch and after school. Some of our Staff v Students events are extremely popular in particular the tradition of teachers playing soccer against students after examinations. The Champions League Soccer tournament is huge amongst students.

Another dimension to our Physical Education offering at NIS is our commitment to after school and weekend activities for children. Our comprehensive activities offerings contain a number of sporting activities. This gives us the chance to offer a wider range of sports, which would perhaps be inappropriate or difficult in lesson times. Examples include sports such as tennis and taekwondo!

NIS also organizes Sports Days for students, where children compete in a variety of sports and activities, within the House Competitions. This gives children the opportunity to experience winning, losing and developing teamwork / strategies when confronted with some potentially unfamiliar games.

Physical Education skills are always an integral part of our Open Day. Not only to we organize traditional sports games such as soccer and volleyball, we also ensure that many of the Fair Ground type games incorporate skills that involve reaction times, throwing, catching and hitting. This proves to be an enjoyable way of assisting the development of fine and gross motor skills.

However, Physical Education is not limited to training in physical skills, and has more than just a recreational dimension. With involvement in many physical activities come knowledge and insight centered on principles and concepts such as 'rules of the game', fair play and respect, tactical and bodily awareness, and the social awareness linked to personal interaction and team effort in many sports. Goals that extend beyond physical education and sport – such as good health, sound personal development, and social inclusion – give further weight to the importance of including this subject in the school curriculum.

The table below shows the distribution of activities during the year.

* Games and sports are practiced daily with the kids, before any sports as a warm up activity and to get the kids familiar with some sorts and games, which will be practiced in sports days.

* Taekwondo is a martial art sports practiced as an activity during the weekends (Saturday).

* Cardio also practiced almost daily 10-15 minutes before PE classes.

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