1 - Tuition Fees (SAR) Schedule for 2020/21


  Annual Tuition Fees (SAR)1 Term Tuition Fees (SAR)1







KG 1 and KG 2



Grades 1 and 2



Grades 3 and 4



Grades 5 and 6



Grades 7 and 8



Grades 9



Grades 10



Grades 11 and 12



1 Value Added Tax @ 15% will be added to the above fee. VAT will not be applied on tuition fee for the citizens of KSA.

Tuition Fees are payable in advance. The payment due dates along with the methods of payment are indicated on the invoice. At the time of admission or re-enrollment, parent may decide the following payment options:

a. Payment in full (prior to commencement of classes)
b. Three equal payments paid before commencement of each Term. Payments are required no later than 01st September 2020, 3rd January 2021 and 14th March 2021.

Parents who enter into written agreement with NIS to undertake a payment plan and then experience difficulty in making payments are expected to contact the NIS Accounts Office to discuss options prior to the due dates mentioned above.

Note: 1. Nursery is available for children of NIS employees only.

2- New Registration Entrance Fee

The following compulsory payment is required at the time of admission offer acceptance.  This is a one-time payment for new admissions.

New Registration Entrance Fee [non-refundable, non-transferable and non-deductible] 3,450 SAR

The New Registration Entrance Fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-deductible from the tuition fee.  The New Registration Entrance Fee is applied at the time of acceptance of student’s admission.

3- External Course / Examination Fees

External course/examination fees are charged additional to the tuition fees. Students may receive fees are Cambridge programmes (Primary Checkpoint, Secondary 1 Checkpoint, IGCSE and A levels) and IELTS.

The external course/examination fees must be paid in full. Please note that failure to pay these additional fees by the requested due dates will result in withdrawal of the student from the course/examination.

4- Transportation Fee

NIS offers a school bus system that services much of the NIS catchment area.  A transportation fee is payable in addition to school fees if parents elect to use the school buses. 

Annual Transportation Fee [non-refundable, non-transferable and non-deductible] 6,325 SAR
  1. Fee is based on a two-way (am and pm) daily option only. There is no one-way option.
  2. This amount is due in full (even for late joining students)..
  3. There is no sibling discount.
  4. d. Any child who uses the bus will incur full annual transportation fee payment.
  5. e. The transportation is non refundable in the even of withdrawal or removal for disciplinary reasons from either the bus and/or the school.

5- Special Discounts

NIS does not offer discount for full payment of the annual fee. There is no discount for payment in full, even if the tuition fee is paid before the beginning of the year.

NIS does not offer a sibling discount on tuition fees. A family with two or more children studying with NIS will be charged as per the tuition fee schedule (1).

6- Re-Enrolment Deposit and Form

All enrolled parents are reminded that if they wish to reserve a place at NIS for next academic year a deposit of SAR 2,000 per child is required before 1st May 2021. Failure to do so could result in the children places being forfeited. Parents are required to submit the signed re-enrollment form at the time of deposit.

Re-enrolment Deposit [non-refundable and non-transferable] 2,300 SAR

The re-enrollment fee is non-refundable, non-transferrable and non-deductible but will be deduction from the tuition fee. If the re-enrollment deposit is not received prior to 1st May 2021, places will be allocated to new admissions on a “first come, first served basis’.

7- Additional Expenses

Students may also incur costs during the academic year which are not included in this schedule. Examples include optional sporting activities, field trips, excursions, lunch expenses, insurance (parents are advised to maintain health, accident and liability insurance for this children), stationary etc.

Uniforms must be purchased solely from NIS Uniform store and is an additional cost. Tuition fees include the cost of text books and/or practice books. The text books are leased to students and should be returned in good order.

8- Fee Default

NIS operates a fee default practice in accordance with the MOE guidelines.

  1. Parents (and their children) will receive official documents once all school accounts have been financially cleared. Official documents may include but are not limited to school diploma, student reports, end of term reports, transcripts and/or Transfer Certificates.
  2. Two instances of fee default during the academic year may result in the Term payment option being withdrawn for the following academic year:
  3. A history of fee default risks re-enrollment for the following academic year.
  4. NIS will update information electronically to the Noor system only after full fee clearance.
  5. NIS staff will not discuss with or directly involve children in fee default practices.
  6. The school will take such action, including recourse to the legal process, as it deems necessary to recover all outstanding fees..
  7. The tuition fees for the term are payable in full regardless of sickness or absence for other reasons (including study leave).

9- Tuition Fee Refund Procedure

Parents are to provide two (2) months written notice to the Admissions Officer should they wish to withdrawal their child from NIS. The ‘Notice of Withdrawal’ should be provided directly to the Admissions Officer in paper form two months prior to the intended last student day (i.e. intended withdrawal date).

Please note the following conditions:

  1. No refunds are available for any child who is permanently excluded from the school.
  2. Any child who attends one or more days during a term will incur the full tuition fee payment for the whole of that particular term.
  3. In the event a family is forced to leave KSA with little or no notice as result of factors beyond their control, the two month notice period may be waived. In such cases, parents are to provide documentary evidence which substantiates the need for departure.

10- Disclaimer

NIS implements policies necessary for effective management of the school. NIS reserves the right to amend its policies whenever necessary and appropriate. The Fee Schedule and Fee Policy are subject to change

Thank you for making NIS your educational service provider of choice.

Updated: 20th September 2020

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