Terms and Conditions

TERMS & CONDITIONS of Enrolment to NIS

[To be read in conjunction with the Fee Schedule and Fee Policy for 2016/17]

  1. By enrolling your child at NIS you automatically agree in full to each, and all, of the Terms and Conditions below, as well as the Fee Schedule and Fee Policy. The parent agrees and, on their child's behalf agree, to abide by the NIS policies.

  2. The fee schedule for each academic year is reviewed annually. Any increase in fees will automatically apply to all students, whether enrolled prior to a formal announcement or otherwise.

  3. All parents who intend their child to start classes after the first day of the school's calendar year must notify the Boys' and/or Girls' School Secretary in writing. If the school has not received written notification of late start, and the first instalment has not been paid, the school will deem that the child is not attending. In this case the child's offer of enrolment will be withdrawn (and could be offered to another child). In addition, any deposit paid will be forfeited.

  4. In the event that parents still desire their child to attend NIS after this period, they will be required to begin the admissions process again, and the Admissions Officer will be required to check whether a place is available for the child. The possibility exists that no places for the child may be available at that time.

  5. Medical records of all children must be provided during the admissions process. The school reserves the right to defer or refuse enrolment when parents fail to meet the requirements. In the event that the parent fails to disclose a serious medical condition upon enrolment the school reserves the right to cancel the child's place.

  6. In the following cases, the school reserves the right to refuse a child re-enrolment:

    1. If a child fails to meet the school's behavioural requirements.
    2. If a child fails to meet the school's attendance requirements
    3. If parents fail to adhere to the school's fee payment requirements.
    4. If parents verbally abuse / persistently make unreasonable demands on NIS staff.

  7. Whilst every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure the safety / wellbeing of children, parents shall not hold the school, or individual staff members, liable for any and all injuries resulting from accidents occurring whilst their child in the care of the school.

  8. Parents accept that the school, or individual staff members, has no liability / responsibility for any lost or damaged items a child brings to school.

  9. Photographs of students often feature in NIS publications. If parents do not to wish their child's photograph to appear, a written request must be submitted to the Boys' or Girls' School Principal before 1st September each academic year.

  10. The parents confirm that all the information presented in support of the application is complete and accurate and that there are no issues of an academic, behavioural or medical nature that have not been disclosed. In the event of failure to disclose the school reserves the right to withdraw the offer of enrolment with immediate effect.

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