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from 2012 and beyond

NIS has been a defining aspect of my life. The school has shaped me into what I am now and what I will be in years to come. It has taught me what being a good student is, and more importantly how to be a good person. Despite being a young institution (at least when I studied there), the school still strived to keep its students looked after as best as possible. I dedicate my success to the teachers that provided me with wisdom, both in class and outside; they never demanded respect, they had earned it. The staff and the student always knew how to make the most out of the facilities that we had. I had the honour and pleasure to be the drummer in our school band, which only consisted of a pianist and two singers but we knew how to put on a show! My most memorable moments would have to be hitting those drums as hard as a teenager could. NIS always offered more than just dry teaching and stressful exams, at the same time, we were never pressured to be part of something we didn't want to in. Those later afternoons, when the halls were empty and silent, when we were just getting ready for one more rehearsal are perhaps my most fond times. Besides that, our after-class lessons and Open Day events will always remain in my memory. As for now, I am currently on the verge of completing my Master's in electrical engineering at the University of Melbourne {Australia} and am hoping to get employed soon so I can buy that Tesla I've always dreamed about.


I am a dentist by profession. It has been a long journey to reach at this point, which started from NIS. I still remember we were the first batch of NIS graduates. It was not that easy as a teenager to cope with all the ups and downs and hardwork, but all the appreciation goes to the staff of NIS who made us realize life is not going to be that easy once you enter university life. Our teachers used to make us work hard, taught us discipline, whilst apprecating our work by introducing the merits system. They taught us how to cope with all the homework, class work and projects, within a given amount of time under pressure. As a normal teenager, we used to hate so much of schoolwork and studying, but once I entered university, I realised how helpful it was for us. Not only with acedemics, but , life long skills were also taught. Teachers used to listen to our problems, shared their life experiences and guided us how to cope in life with different situations. The best memories I had at NIS were volleyball matches against the teachers, going on fieldtrips, staying late and preparing for exams, this time never comes back. Once in a while, I sit with my school yearbook and turnover pages smiling on the little crazy things we did together as a grade 12 gang. I enrolled myself in Jinnah Medical and Dental University in 2012, graduating as a dentist in 2017. I am currently focusing on my postgraduation. Even though it was really difficult to cope in the initial year of university, I made it through. I am so proud to say that most of us have achieved their destination but still it does not end here we still have to go further. This is how life is, learning never ends here one keeps learning throughout life. I am sure many of us will make our parents and teachers proud by doing so. Credit goes to NIS and our parents.


I studied Dentistry at the University of Sharjah in United Arab Emirates. I'm proud to say that I've successfully graduated from dental school and hope to peruse an internship, then furthering my career as a general dental practitioner in either Australia or New Zealand. When I first joined NIS, I was wary and expected a lot of boring classes. I was pleasantly surprised to see that this was not the case. I felt at ease, due to the superb teaching skills of the faculty. The teachers were personally invested in my future, and helped push me into the direction I needed to succeed. Our classes were a mixing-pot of students from different cultural backgrounds. With all those factors combined together, I had never felt overwhelmed by the heavy schedule of studying for my AS levels as we learnt how to manage our time better, and I learnt a lot from people who were different from me. This made me the person I am today, and I am proud of myself, and grateful to the faculty and students who have helped me on my journey.I remember trying new things for the first time at NIS such as writing stories for The Inquisitor, the consistent weekly P.E classes, and the fun times with my friends. Those are things I would never forget, and hold dear to my heart.


I was a student of the first class to graduate from Nada International School back in 2012. I graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry, Ain Shams University in May 2017 and currently I am a resident at the Oral Prosthodontics and Implantology Department in the same university. I have always been proud to be a Nada School graduate; the diversity helped shape my mentality into the person I am today, the teachers were highly qualified and also very attentive and affectionate, but what I found most unique about the school is the fact that I didn't just learn some information to be recited in exams but rather learnt HOW to study and how to seek knowledge which helped me immeasurably with my dental study. Wishing you all an equally amazing experience and the best of luck in your future careers.


I started at NIS in grade 5 when I had zero knowledge of the English language and to be honest I never thought I could succeed with that obstacle weighing me down. However, the great teachers at my lovely school made sure to work with me day after day until I got to where I am now. Their support and care allowed me to become one of the top students of my class, score one of the highest SAT scores (American standardized exam) in the history of the school and get accepted into my dream university at the great city of Toronto in Canada. Since then I finished my degree at University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor Degree in Biology and Psychology, was accepted into McMaster University as one of 24 new physician assistant students, and finally, I was accepted into University of Ottawa in the capital city of Canada to become a Physician. I owe my success to my family and my school that has helped me so much. I am excited for what the future holds for me and can't wait to see what I will be achieving next!


Hello young NIS Students! I am a previous NIS graduate. I just graduated as a Chemical Engineer from Jordan University of Science and Technology. NIS helped me reach my goal easily. It helped me in more ways than I could count. It wasn’t just the education, it was also the way it opened my eyes to the real world after school. NIS helped me and other students improve as students and as people. The education that I received from there was at a high level. Our teachers were the best and they were always chosen right for us. The school showed me what was it like to be interacting with one another and how properly and professionally it was done. Also, there were a lot of extracurricular activities that were done with the teachers and students of the same age group that helped widen the students mind. NIS was like my second home, acting sick just to miss school, wasn’t an option for me. Enjoy the rest of your school days, you will miss it.


NIS was and will always my second home, I spent my entire school life studying there so there’s lots and lots to remember about it. NIS has played a very important role at helping me get where I am today, and I have to say this is not just considering the academic aspect of life but also attitude-wise and personality-wise. NIS has offered me primarily great academic support that covers all the aspects: The teachers have supported in each and every step I took, whenever I was in doubt of something I didn’t understand, they never hesitated to re-explain what I missed out on. Not to mention that the learning facilities were some of the best considering that we live in Al-Ahsa. Something I can never forget is how welcoming and warm the NIS environment there. Not all schools keep in mind that students should cooperate together, love each other, the teachers and most importantly themselves. I grew up at NIS and yes I have noticed the changes that the school made to become better and better each year aiming to provide top quality education as much as possible. Part of me as has always pushed me to help people out and to be nice them and at NIS it grew even more, I have learnt to be professional at what I do and to be respectful of the ground I am standing on regarding what everyone else is doing, and this is something everyone found extremely odd when I went to university.A fond memory of me at NIS is one that is unique and very personal. I was on a gap year during the academic year of 2017/2018, despite that I still volunteered to help the school by doing community service.I now study medicine at Alexandria University. Right now I would say my biggest aim would be to become someone who genuinely cares about humans, someone who wants to cure people with all their heart. Basically I want to make a big change in people’s lives and my role model to reach such a goal would be my dad. Thankyou NIS, it would be my absolute pleasure to make a return to see you as soon as get the chance, wait for me you never know when I might show up.


Throughout my 5 years at NIS, I'd say my last 3 were the most stressful mainly due to the fact that my future depended on my CAIE results. To be specific, A-Level is not an easy qualification, but the teachers I had at NIS gave me an advantage. This was due to the endless resources and encouragement they gave me, they would always give up their time, even during their weekends, to reply to my emails ensuring I understood the syllabus. The support given to me by my family and teachers, and being able to study at a school such as NIS with a wonderful staff definitely played a role in where I am today. I currently study Biomedical Sciences (BSc) at The University of Auckland in New Zealand. I am hoping to get accepted into Medical School after completing my pre-medical course to achieve my childhood dream of becoming a doctor. When I think of NIS, a lot of memories come to mind, but those that stand out are the ones on field trips and school activities like Sports Day. The great times myself and classmates spent together and with our teachers on those occasions are moments never to forget.


NIS was there from the very first step to help me chose the right university and helped me in every aspect of the application process. NIS (specifically Mr Tony) have helped me in applying to many scholarships.At NIS every day was a new memory, there is a lot that I can mention. But to mention a few, the staff versus student sports matches were a very good memory and the Khobar field trip, to Sunset Beach. I joined Salford University (United Kingdom) and I am currently studying Civil Engineering.


I am a proud graduate of NIS in the year 2017. I am currently studying MBBS Course in Sheikh Zayed Bin Khalifa Al-Nayhan Medical and Dental College in Lahore, Pakistan. So far I have been able to successfully manage my studies in my college and for that I would like to thank the NIS faculty for their strong determination and dedication in ensuring that I would receive the highest quality of education they could offer. They had faith in me and guided me towards the path that I tread on now. The atmosphere that the school provided was a very warm and welcoming one; it encouraged me to pursue my dreams. The facilities that NIS provided were of high calibre and it helped me become a very well rounded person. Alongside that, the principal and staff showed encouraging and appreciative behaviour towards my academic achievements. To this day, I still remember how overwhelmed they were with happiness when I received A*s in all my IGCSE and A level subjects. They showed great faith, motivated me and made me strive harder towards higher education. I believe that from where I stand now, I have succeeded at great lengths and would like to thank everyone in NIS. I would not have not made it this far without them. I hope the future students of NIS have a memorable and beneficial experience like I did.


In retrospect, I have to thank the teachers at NIS for all the patience they had when dealing with me. I'm certain that NIS gave me more potential than I ended up using. I was a very competitive individual. The memories of NIS I reminisce about include the graduation party and English classes. I studied Computer and Communication Engineering at Benha University. I have also taken the time to study Japanese (I've become quite proficient at it), and after national service, I want to have a career in one of engineering, software development, or education in Japan one day.


I feel NIS has contributed to my becoming the person I am, and where I am now, in a great way, and I owe the NIS Staff thanks for that. I am a medical undergraduate at Benha University {Egypt. I am proud to be an NIS alumnus from the graduating class of 2012.NIS provided the psychologically healthy environment that helped with my maturation into a well-adjusted adult. The greenery and spacious school grounds were the backdrop to my every day school life, and great educators who were my teachers instilled in me the highest of values, and provided the moral compass, as well as steadfast support and encouragement. The teachers’ belief in me was perhaps the single most effective factor in motivating me to become who I am today. I can’t help but feel that Nada International School has put me ahead of competition. Nada International School has had the greatest impact on who I was, and who I have become- a skilled, professional global citizen of the world.I spent my youth at NIS, and as such have very strong sentimental ties to the school and to my teachers. I think of the school with a sweet sense of nostalgia and I look back at the school days fondly. Some of my most delightful experiences were in the English classroom, and because of my English teachers. I especially remember taking part in the student magazine ‘The Inquisitor’ and competing in spelling-bee competitions. My single most-cherished memory of NIS was the day I presented the graduation project for my English language class. I spent a long time researching and reading up on my topic, and rehearsed the presentation very well. After presenting, my English language teacher scheduled a repeat of my presentation in front of a wider audience, and it made me feel so accomplished.


I am currently studying Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Toronto. I just finished my second year and have three more years left with one of those being a work placement year. I am focusing on computer software and computer hardware for my final two academic years while also doing a minor in artificial intelligence and business studies. NIS provided me with tools and mindset required to succeed both in and out of the classroom. The teachers at NIS are excellent and provide a thorough understanding of the material taught in class which really helped me to do well in my first year university courses. NIS also provides a great range of extracurricular activities which helped to improve my soft skills. My brief time in the student council also helped to improve my communication and organization skills while also teaching me how to work effectively in a team. These skills are really important in a work environment so I often look back on my experiences at NIS to help me succeed in my current job at the University of Toronto where I am an instructor on an Engineering Outreach program aiming to get high school students interested and engaged in the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).


NIS has helped me a lot in getting where I am. It has provided many opportunities which helped me to develop as a person such as class presentations, math competitions, community services, etc. All these activities have helped me gain confidence in myself. It was the best period in my life when I was in school. Throughout my entire school life I have made a collection of many fond memories which I can cherish for lifetime. A few those best memories are the baseball matches with teachers. It was so amazing the way everyone use to indulge in the game, the best part of it was the short and funny arguments with Mrs. Rafia about who won the game. Another time that I recall a lot is of the community service where I used to get a chance to get involved with kindergarten kids. It was a really a nice experience to teach them. Another one of those memories which I cherish the most was the last day of my school when all the teachers who have taught me throughout my entire school life joined me and my classmates for a treat. It was one of the best times in the school. These are just a small part of the collection of memories I have made. I had a great time in this school. And lastly I want to thank all the teachers who have helped me in becoming what I am now. I am studying at Mody University of Science & Technology and I am currently pursuing B.B.A-LL.B and planning for judiciary in future.


Firstly, the teaching at NIS, and IGCSE in general, focuses mainly on the understanding of the concept rather than memorizing of information. As an Engineering student this would be the part I grant most credit as studying engineering is entirely about problem solving and it is best done by understanding the problem being solved and the tools used. Secondly, regarding communication skills, I remember I started there as a weak presenter and through professional support and motivation my presentation skills improved drastically and noticeably in my university community. I would like to say that after school classes (especially with Mr Tony – IGCSE Mathematics) and Open Days were my favourite. I am currently in my last year studying Mechatronics Engineering at the German University in Cairo. During my bachelor thesis, we worked on a publication and it was accepted and presented in the International Conference of Vehicular Safety and Electronics (ICVES) 2019. I am seeking a master's program at the University of Sydney after graduation in June 2020.


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