Former Colleagues

Messages from Our Former Colleagues / Parents

After an incredible ten years at NIS, I could not have wished for a school with better educational facilities and discipline for my children. I am immensely grateful for the school's administration and staff, your efforts are greatly appreciated. Moreover, being part of the NIS family for few years has been an honorary unforgettable experience.

Dr. Rania Al Hawry

I’m glad to share you my experience as a parent, teacher and coordinator at NIS.As a mother of two sons who received their education at NIS, I am proud to say that they both got the talent, motivation and great learning methods which has turned them to thinkers who like to investigate and search more about each topic given in class. Being a teacher and coordinator at NIS was one of the best work experiences I have gained through my career path. Building curriculums based on cooperative learning and inquiry and designing lessons regarding to students’ needs and level of learning has helped our students to develop their learning skills smoothly by providing them the conditions and suitable environment to achieve a high level of learning and life skills. Choosing NIS to be the learning destination for your children insures a great future for them by building their skills and shaping their minds.

Mrs. Huda Al Shayeb

I taught Biology and HRF at NIS from 2009 to 2014. Three of my children also graduated from Nada, two are studying Medicine at the Charles University in Prague and one is doing a degree in Criminology at UFV in Canada. It is self-evident from my children's academic career and performance that the time in Nada was well spent and prepared them for university education appropriately. As for myself I finished the PGCE from Sunderland University while working at Nada, which has added value to my teaching credentials and helped advance my career.

Dr. Uzma Zafar

The NIS teaching experience allowed me to put everything that I’ve learned about education and my subject matter into action. Being a teacher or a professional, the best platform I ever experienced was Nada International School as I started my carrier as a secondary math teacher in 2009 and so proud to be part of it for a total of nine years. In departments, we spent a lot of time for preparing, researching and exploring active learning resources to deliver successful lessons. The professional development support provided by the school team also helped me to improve the quality of teaching and learning. I am currently working as an Advanced Level Secondary Mathematics Teacher in Ministry of Education in U.A.E and I believe that it is not possible without NIS and my colleagues’ team work.

Mrs. Shaheena Shibu

The work culture in NIS makes the faculty an up to date and enthusiastic educationist well versed with the latest developments in their field, which transmits to the student community making learning productive, fun and focused. This scenario gives the student community a chance to evolve to be an independent and confident individual with a global outlook and a definite plan for their future. This makes NIS the premier choice of potential parents.

Mrs. Dhanya Lenin

Working at NIS was by far the best experience of my life not just for me professionally but also for my whole family. It is very rare to find a place where children love and enjoy their school experience even though it is lots of hard work as the school has high expectations form its students, yet there is always that rare sense of family and home while at school. I and my husband had the privilege to work and acquire a great professional experience at NIS that landed us reputable jobs when we went back to our home country. Thank you for everyone at NIS for making our 9 years an amazing memory.

Mrs. Nada Khateeb

I was a former employee and parent of students who went to NIS. My first two children started at NIS 2002. Subsequently, I had 4 more children and they all went to NIS. Over the years I have seen Nada School evolve from being a community-based school to an International School with exceptional standards. I relocated back to my home country at the end of 2018 after residing in the Kingdom for 16 years. I was not surprised to see that all my children were ahead of their peers. They performed exceptionally well, and I thank NIS for all that they did for my children academically and socially. They have a solid foundation and I have no doubt that they will achieve success wherever they go. They miss their school, their teachers and friends so much and are always comparing their current school to NIS and will not hesitate to go back. As a former colleague all I can say is that I miss the school dearly and I especially miss my students and teaching there. The school management always strove for excellence and spent a lot of time and effort developing their teachers, providing us with the best available professional development and technology for us to deliver excellence to our students. The passion that I now have for teaching was inspired and nurtured by NIS and I thank you would recommend the school to any parent relocating to the Eastern Region.

Mrs. Fiona Cara

Academic expectations are set at a very high standard at NIS. The high standard filters throughout the school resulting in well-planned productive lessons as well as highly motivated and dedicated children. The ethos of NIS made me strive to continuously improve and develop my teaching approach and practices. The professional growth I gained through the varied opportunities awarded me at NIS, will forever be priceless.

Mrs. Stephanie Alvarez

I had a unique experience working at NIS. I started as an English language and social studies teacher but evolved into a PE teacher and Events Coordinator. This transition changed my experience and focused on my strengths in communication skills and organizational skills. I have worked so hard and for long hours after school, sometimes I wouldn’t even have a weekend off in order to excel at what I do. I was very successful in organizing major sports events inside and outside the school. I developed an excellent relationship with staff members, students and people in the local community. One of the main reasons behind my success was the environment I worked in and the support of my principal. The very special atmosphere at NIS brings out the best in us, and I found myself wanting to do more and more because of that. The hard work was never a burden it was a pleasure just because it was at NIS. That experience at NIS landed me the job of a vice principal at one of the most prestigious schools in the Jordan when I went back to my home country, the experience I had is not just words on paper it is a real guide for my current job.

Mr. Mohammed Khataab

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