In 2017, Nada International School (NIS) hosted an AdvancED External Review Team, consisting of five experienced international educators as part of the school accreditation process. AdvancedEd is now under the new name of Cognia. At the time of the 2017 review, NIS completed a rigorous self-evaluation against five domains, each with a number of specific standards associated to the domain. The school community was surveyed and evaluators observed lessons to help inform their judgement of the school compared to specific standards within five domains. The domains provide a framework for school self-evaluation and improvement:

2017 Domains

1- Purpose and Direction

2- Governance and Leadership

3- Teaching and Assessing for Learning

4- Resources and Support Systems

5- Using Results for Continuous Improvement

The accreditation report outlined a number of strengths (Powerful Practice) at NIS, required areas for further improvement (Improvement Priority) and optional areas for further development (Opportunities for Improvement). The report also provided an indication of how NIS performed for every standard compared to the average score of all other Cognia accredited schools, providing a good reference point for us to work on further areas of development.

NIS met the required standards to be fully accredited by AdvancED in 2017 and a brief summary of the strengths and areas for development based on the previous school evaluation report can be seen below:


Based on lesson observations undertaken in the review three areas of teaching and learning compared favorably to other Cognia evaluated schools scoring a higher rating in i. Equitable learning environment, ii. Progress monitoring and feedback, iii. Well managed learning environment. Furthermore, within Domain 3 for teaching and learning the review team identified 9 out of 12 indicators higher than the Advanced Ed Network average.

NIS has a strong purpose and direction and makes good use of results and data to improve student learning. There is a commitment to promote the values through the learning experiences provided and the resources provided to support learning are appropriate in terms of staff, materials and facilities. There is strong leadership and support for the school particularly from the governing body.

Areas for development

Comparing NIS rating in specific areas of the report to other schools, some clear areas for further improvement in teaching and learning included a need for further work on differentiation and collaborative processes which further develop student learning skills. The most significant element of this in teaching and learning was the limited use of technology to support learning across the school and the facilities available to support technology require updating.

Leadership and governance at NIS needs to involve stakeholders more effectively in support of the schools’ purpose and direction. The processes adopted by leadership to impact positively on improved professional practice needs strengthening and greater coordination of learning support services is required. Within lessons learning opportunities should make stronger connections with real life learning experiences.

The specific areas identified for improvement:

  • Enhance the criteria of the school’s supervision and evaluation tools to improve the teaching and learning.
  • Provide and support meaningful roles for stakeholders in a collaborative process to enhance the educational environment.
  • Create and implement channels for media and information resources to increase student development of 21st Century Learning Skills.
  • NIS is due to complete the next stage of the accreditation process by completing the five-year review visit in March 2022. The process of self-evaluation and accreditation has changed since the last review and the school will now be evaluated against three new domains:

    2021 – 2022 Domains

    1- The impact of teaching and learning on student performance;

    2- The capacity of leadership to guide the institution toward the achievement of its vision and strategic priorities; and

    3- Use of resources to support and optimize learning.

    We look forward to the next team visit and for our community to support us with taking the school forward on its journey of school improevment. We welcome your involvement and feedback in our effortsto make NIS a place which nurtures and inspires all students to become successful learners.

    Richard McMahon

    Executive Principal

    BA Ed. (Hons), MA.Ed, PTC, PENTA

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