ELC | Sports opportunities

Physical education is an integral part of the total education of every child. It is team-building process enhances communication skills and the skills required to get along and cooperate with students of varying backgrounds and personalities. Additionally, physical education can be a major force in helping children to successfully socialize with others and provides an environment to learn positive people skills. Playing Sports increases confidence to talk properly. A sport certainly improves the skills of communicating with others. Furthermore, the person experiences confidence in sitting, standing, and walking properly. Hence, Sports enriches the social life of an individual.


Physical Education is a compulsory subject at NIS, throughout the academic year; the PE department works hard to provide experience of variety of games and sports. One major consideration is the weather and facilities available in the school, both of which, to some extent, dictate our curriculum. Students at NIS participate and practice a number of sports / games such as running, relay race, douc ball etc.


NIS also organizes Sports Days for students, where children compete in a variety of sports and activities, within the House Competitions. This gives children the opportunity to experience winning, losing and developing teamwork / strategies when confronted with some potentially unfamiliar games

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