Early Learning Centre

The Early Learning Centre (ELC) at the school emphasizes the importance of early childhood in shaping a child’s development. The Kindergarten Programme (PRE-KG to KG2, ages 3 to 6) follows the Cambridge Primary curriculum, promoting subject mastery, study skills, and 21st-century skills through a play-way methodology. It fosters skills in English, Math, general awareness, and creativity while supporting physical development. NIS Kindergarten focuses on holistic development, nurturing creativity, curiosity, and individuality to prepare students for primary education.


The Pre-KG curriculum, aligned with the Cambridge framework, provides a strong foundation for early childhood education. It focuses on English Language and Literacy, encouraging interaction with stories and vocabulary expansion. In Mathematics, counting skills are introduced through play, along with exploring shapes and patterns. Creative Arts promote self-expression through painting, drawing, and music. Physical Development is enhanced through outdoor play, improving gross motor skills, while fine motor skills are refined. Communication and Language Development are nurtured through activities like “Show and Tell,” improving speaking and listening skills. This comprehensive approach aims to prepare young children for their educational journey

KG 1 & KG 2

The Kindergarten Programme is designed to provide rewarding experiences to help children interpret these experiences through routines which promote maximum physical, mental, emotional and social growth. Also our programme helps children grow in a child-centered, activity oriented atmosphere by providing opportunities for each child to:
  • Develop a happy, positive attitude to learning
  • Adjust to his/her new environment
  • Strengthen self-confidence and self-worth develop independence
  • Form good habits of health and safety
  • Learn to accept routines and responsibilities
  • Develop concepts and skills appropriate to his/her stage of maturity
  • Inspire creativity and individuality by learning through play.
  • Learn more about him/herself and how to interact with others.
  • Expand natural curiosity by exploring and investigating aspects of the world
  • Learn to respect others and their property

During the kindergarten years, careful observation based on key learning indicators will assist us in planning strategies to help your child learn. You will receive regular communication about your child’s achievement at school.

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