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Jolly Phonics is a comprehensive, multi-sensory program teaching 42 letter sounds instead of the alphabet. It employs songs, rhymes, and actions to engage children. Key elements include teaching letter sounds, correct letter formation, blending, segmenting, and handling tricky words. Reading activities are provided to reinforce phonics skills and encourage reading simple texts.


In kindergarten, mathematics education introduces fundamental concepts in a playful,
interactive manner. Goals include building a strong math foundation, nurturing a love for
math, and developing problem-solving skills. Topics covered involve counting, number
recognition, number sense, basic operations, patterns, shapes, measurement, and problem solving. Hands-on activities, games, songs, and manipulatives make learning enjoyable and
engaging, laying the groundwork for future math learning.


Our curriculum prioritizes hands-on experiments to help children explore and understand
scientific concepts. We promote inquiry-based learning, encouraging questions and critical
thinking. Our approach integrates STEM elements for a holistic understanding of science.
Outdoor learning experiences connect children with nature. We also emphasize cross curricular connections, integrating science with subjects like Math and Language Arts for a
well-rounded education.

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