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Assessment is a measure of what students are learning. Its purpose is to improve students learning. Assessment measures are based on how well students are meeting learning objectives and curriculum goals. Nada International School supports the belief that every child regardless of intellectual ability or social background should have a rewarding educational experience. This takes place in a context that encourages the involvement of stakeholders. NIS recognises that teaching, learning and assessments are fundamentally interdependent. Learning outcomes, which include knowledge and understanding of a subject as well as cognitive, personal and academic skills, should be the pivot around which the whole curriculum is delivered.

Formative Assessment (Assessment for Learning – AfL) Assessment for learning is also known as AFL and it is an approach to teaching and learning designed to improve students’ performance and create effective feedback. There are a number of different benefits of assessment for learning. Students are more involved in the learning process and from this gain confidence in what they are expected to learn and to what standard. Students start to think more actively, about where they are now, where they want to go, and how they can get there. Formative Assessments – (End of topic/ Chapters/ Term Tests / Speed Tests /Spelling Tests and Professional Judgement based on the continuous assessment.) Students of ELC will just do informal assessments. In addition to the AFL strategies mentioned above, other formative assessments methods that we use in our daily lessons are: –

  • Worksheets & written classwork
  • Questions and answers in class
  • Mini-quizzes
  • Oral feedback
  • Reading & writing in Class
  • Homework – written or learned
  • Observations – in class.

Summative Assessment (Assessment of Learning) Summative Assessment is an assessment of the students’ learning. The main purpose of summative assessment is to grade and certify students’ achievement. Summative assessment is formal in nature. Methods of Summative Assessment used in ELC are: · Baseline testing – These will be conducted in each individual subject (English and Math) at the beginning of the year. The purpose of this assessment will be to ascertain a benchmark as to what the student knows and identify any knowledge gaps to support them with their learning and prepare them for the end term / year of examinations. Baseline assessments will be used to set targets for all students and will be used to monitor progress. The different needs of the students will inevitably mean that some students need greater support than others do. There are a number of strategies that can provide that support such as using other adults in the classroom to create a positive learning environment. Prepare intervention plan to support the students with low grades. Extra support lessons are conducted during lunch break and PE lessons. · Informal Assessments – These will take place in each individual subject periodically throughout the academic year. All informal assessments have been calendared. Assessments will be used to check the progress of the students against their targets.

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